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Shared hosting is a popular form of Web hosting service. Though it is a shared space, each website gets a separate digital space. The data for that particular website is stored exclusively too. Other websites are also present on the same server, functioning, sharing the storage, power, network & other resources simultaneously.

This website hosting service is suitable for smaller websites. By smaller, we mean the websites that do not have a large amount of web traffic or high-security concerns and the ones which need cost-effective solutions for their hosting services.

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Linux Shared Hosting Plans


Shared Business

Start from 51 500

  • 500 MB SSD
  • 2 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Website
  • 1 FTP
  • 5 Email Account & Sub domain
  • No Database
  • Free SSL
  • Plesk Panel
  • Firewall
  • Free Migration

Shared Professional

Start from 150 1500

  • 1 GB SSD
  • 4 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Website
  • 5 FTP
  • 10 Email Account & Sub domain
  • 5 Database
  • Free SSL
  • Plesk Panel
  • Firewall
  • Free Migration

Shared Enterprise

Start from 300 3000

  • 25 GB SSD
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Website
  • 5 FTP
  • 10 Email Account & Sub domain
  • 5 Database
  • Free SSL
  • Plesk Panel
  • Firewall
  • Free Migration

Linux Hosting Features

Instant Activation

Just after your payment process is done we'll set up your Windows hosting account instantly. You don't have to wait for hours and hours to set up your business online.

24/7 Support

It is our endeavor that you have a great experience while hosting your websites on our servers. Whenever you require any technical support, our experts are available 24x7 .

99.99 Uptime

We know the availability of your website is your primary concern and so is ours. Our data centres enable us to provide you with the best uptime.

High Performance

Just 1-second page load delay affects your bounce rate, SEO ranking, your conversion rate! You won't have to worry about that when you choose HostGrapes

Easy To Use

Our simplified panel enables your customers to build and manage their websites utilizing the power of VPS (without the need for server admin skills

30 Days Money Back

Satisfaction is our top priority but sometimes you can't evaluate the caliber until you try, you get the flexibility to cancel the plan within 30 days.

General Questions

Why choose HostGrapes hosting?

Our establishment for web hosting in India is since 2017, we have helped thousands of customers to launch their ideas and businesses online. Our top-end services along with cheap web hosting plans have allowed small business owners particularly, to focus on their actual business rather than worrying about several issues which can rise due to an unreliable web host.

Why is HostGrapes's hosting package so affordable?

The distinctly designed infrastructure enables us to ensure the availability of a very high level of resources and services at astonishingly low prices in comparison to others in the industry.

What all features are offered in these web hosting plans?

Every hosting account comes with several features like bandwidth, SSD storage, emails, a control panel and an efficient technical support team available round the clock for 365 days.

How well does the HostGrapes hosting plan perform with any business website?

Our affordable web hosting plans are perfect for anyone who wants to start a business or take their existing business online. The flexibility of our products along with the additional resources of our advanced web hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated server hosting will provide all the essentials which your website will need as it grows.

Will HostGrapes hosting plan work for my blog, personal website, or for my business?

Yes, HostGrapes's affordable hosting plans are perfect for anyone who wants to start a blog, business, or any other simple website. Similarly, our advanced web hosting solutions like VPS and Cloud Vps, dedicated Servers will provide the additional resources which your website will require as it grows.

Does HostGrapes provide hosting services besides shared hosting?

HostGrapes provides all kinds of web hosting services that can host virtually any website/websites and cater to any requirements. HostGrapes offers 40 different web hosting plans derived from its varied web hosting services Shared hosting: A type of hosting where we upload your website on a single server that hosts many other websites. Each user on shared hosting gets a part of the server's resources allocated for their websites. VPS hosting: A type of hosting that gives dedicated resources to many users on a single powerful server machine. The peculiar difference between shared and VPS hosting is that a server's resources are available for all in shared hosting. Whereas in VPS hosting, we partition a server into different sections that act as independent servers. Naturally, the performance and features with VPS are superior to shared hosting. HostGrapes recommends VPS hosting to clients that have outgrown their shared hosting. Reseller hosting: It is a type of hosting service where you can resell hosting services to other users at your own prices as a hosting provider allowing you to start your own web hosting business. HostGrapes's reseller hosting is a 100% white-labeled hosting service that enables you to sell hosting services under your personal brand. Dedicated hosting: As the name suggests, with dedicated hosting, HostGrapes provides a dedicated server solely for your websites. Unlike other hosting services, you don't have to share any of the space, processing power and other resources with anyone as you get an entire server for yourself. Cloud hosting: A hosting service where the provider hosts your website on many interconnected servers instead of just one server machine. The resource availability in cloud hosting is highly scalable and, you get high uptimes. Note that HostGrapes's VPS hosting has a state-of-art cloud infrastructure that assures high uptimes of 99.95%, similar to its shared hosting at affordable prices.

30 days money back satisfication guarantee

If you not satisfy with Uhost, we will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk. You can cancel plan at any time.

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